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Mono Print Mobiles

Sticking with the summer term theme of circles, Barbara Veena Scialo‘s group immersed themselves in a magical Mono Print Mobiles project.
IMG_0324 Firstly, to create the printing plate, a circular foam disk was mounted on a cardboard base.

The paint was added one colour at a time, each artist used cotton buds to make a picture onto the plate, before stamping the plate onto a piece of white paper.

IMG_0325 The children skilfully swirled, spotted and swished the paint.  Sometimes adding secondary colours and more!IMG_0332 IMG_0333IMG_0336 IMG_0340IMG_0343 IMG_0344 IMG_0345The following week, the mono prints became mobiles.

The best results from the mono prints were cut and and mounted on coloured card.Mono - 4 Mono - 5 Using wool, the group supported each other through the tricky tying activities.

They worked in pairs to help each other stick the string to the stick support.  Mono - 6 Wow!  They look amazing.  Mono - 7Mono - 11Mono - 13 Mono - 14

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