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Reeling Round

Barbara Veena Scialo‘s group made merry spinning tops, each individually designed using patterns created with felt tipped markers.

The children started with a circle of white card.  Then cut it out and made a hole in the centre using a matchstick.


They covered one side with a simple design. The images were created with contrasting colours to make them stand out.  Each child designed two different circles, one using primary colours.

The idea was to see the effects of the mixing colours when spinning.

Would they mix together to create a new colour?

Using a wooden bead, threaded onto the matchstick, they made the handle.

IMG_8370 IMG_8368

The group used their technical skills and problem solving to complete their spinning tops.

IMG_8372After the glue dried, it was time to test them out and see what happened to their design when it was in motion!

Spin - 1After the success of the small spinners, the children designed larger ones too.




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