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Twists and Turns

Artist Louise Pasquill and assistant Susie Aylett, led a lesson to create an animated drawing.

The children came up with a story, a setting and three characters.  They set to work building them from a wide selection of beautiful papers, cards and metallic pencils and pens.

We took inspiration from imagining which animals we would like as a pet; and spending time with our families and friends.

Turning - 16

The experimented to see how the characters would interact, once they are attached.Turning - 15 Turning - 14

They were on the ground, on a swing, up a tree or in the sky!

Turning - 11

Some of the clouds could blow in the wind, others stayed static.

Turning - 10

This rabbit can hide inside it’s box.Turning - 8 Turning - 6

The children used collage to assemble their creations.  Cutting, drawing, sticking and colouring.  Finally the spit-pins were attached and the characters were able to twist and turn on the page.

Here is a tree with a slug, a snail and a caterpillar all living inside!
Turning - 4

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