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Magnificent Mark Making

Today Barbara Veena Scialo introduced her group to mark making using chalk pastels and oil pastels together.

The children really enjoyed this rather messy lesson.

Marks - 10


Marks - 9 Marks - 8The results are really diverse and varied.The results are really diverse and varied.Marks - 7 It was fun to explore the nature of the materials and push their boundaries.Marks - 6 Marks - 5 Marks - 4 Marks - 3

The children really pushed themselves to experiment and share their findings with their peers.Marks - 2 They discovered that you can draw a circle with white oil pastels first and get the coloured chalk to stick to the sticky oil afterwards.Marks - 1Another idea was to wet cotton buds to write into the chalk pastel smudges, which gave some really nice effects too.

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