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‘Every Child is an artist – the problem is how to remain one..’ Picasso

Louise Pasquill began the term looking at Picasso with our youngest art club members in Reception and Year 1. Picasso has an exhibition at Tate Modern at the moment and famously said

Every Child is an artist, the problem is how to remain one when one grows up….

I took my children to see the exhibition during the Easter holidays and they both enjoyed a little drawing

IMG_4463Louise looked at some stories about Picasso and made some simple and colourful abstract paintings of faces and flowers.

IMG_4819 IMG_4871 PIAY0867 HVWV8887 VCCS0396Such and accessible artist to look at with young children.

They went on to look at the story ‘The Pencil and talked about favourite colours and words associated with them – peaceful, calm, strong, gentle, masculine and feminine.

We made more drawings in response.

TZIJ4696 WCKF0292

The pencil and the frightened figureSINF4855

A dessert a cactus and fox.PJPK7355 NZTG1140Happy faces

NAUL1451The pencil and the brush

We have also been revelling in the summer sun, drawing the Summer Sun inspired by Damien Hirst’s new paintings, which are also influenced by Bonnard.

SLFQ7620 KYJK4563 HTWU0955 HCBV4151

We have also been drawing in sand with cotton buds and sending messages from a desert island for seagulls to deliver.

WMFG0959 LPCS3304 CLBH4021 VJJP1439 RQYA3619 OCEJ1260




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