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Mr and Mrs – emotion and self reflection

Our youngest artists at Pelham worked with Louise Pasquil and Lana Le in a playful exploration of emotion, expression, self reflection and understanding.


They looked at the Mr and Mrs books and other children’s stories for ideas.


IMG_2963 IMG_2962 IMG_2961 IMG_2960 IMG_2959Post it notes were used as part of a guessing game on emotions – posted on each other’s backs

IUAJ9981 SUEU6011Balloons were used to hide each other’s faces and explore opposites of emotions. We need to be brave when we are scared for example.

LAHH8684 UKEL5245

Mr Men books often reflect opposites for example Mr loud learns to speak quietly.

We then created our own Mr Men Characters.23f28c3d-860c-470a-9ae1-2b62804cc949

Little Miss colourful


Mr Invention10c0f5ed-20d6-4f60-bd98-ad46561fde12

Little Miss Brave3307f484-f625-4c58-ad82-d0c1ee832212

Mr Cute


Mr Newab57c6b5-3a19-4042-a197-4f06ddf47335Mr Adventurous

336255e5-71a2-4cb7-81ca-ce81c87dea2bAnd who do you think this could be?






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