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Summer light with KS1

This summer the children in our Key Stage 1 group have been thinking about light through many different mediums


Sometimes the heat demanded cool watercolours with the theme of light summer evenings, Louise read the poem Bed in Summer.


The children painted their ideas of what they would see through an imaginary window, if they opened it from their bed in the dark!

IMG_4889 IMG_4887 IMG_4899 IMG_4905

Snowflake Dragons, TRex, Painting Waterfalls, Deep sea diving, Ruby sunshine to name a few ideas.


Around the Summer Solstice children thought about transparency, translucency and opacity.

They took film squares and mixed colours.

IMG_4815 IMG_4813 IMG_4814

They created stained glass window pictures using tracing paper and added layers by building a cardboard frame window and adding tape shapes.

IMG_4819 IMG_4820 IMG_4821

The group continued looking at light through different materials.

The final project will bring together new skills creating colour lenses, tracing, layering, mixing colours.

They will explore
Tissue paper for translucency, cellophane for transparency and foil for opacity.
Pulling these ideas together they studied the Dragonfly. The perfect mini beast to display the different light effects from its opaque metallic tail, transparent wings with translucent markings.

We practised building symmetrical designs to warm up.

IMG_4958 IMG_4956


We used mirrors to create full pictures or patterns using reflections.

The children then used their tracing skills to draw their wing patterns.

IMG_4964 IMG_4966

They also constructed the bodies of their creatures using newsprint, tissue paper, cardboard rolls and masking tape!

We will use Mod-Roc bandages to give form to the shapes – We look forward to seeing the results.


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