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Kids school and holiday art clubs

Botanical Life Studies and Exploring Floral Painting


The mindfulness that emanated from the children, when working from life drawing flowers, had a calming effect on the class.  We took time to look very carefully at what was in front of us and broke it down into different focusses.  Light, shade and how to follow the line from observation, combined with a little […]

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The Book of Me


This year, we have looked at plants, animals, our friends and fellow classmates, so now it’s time to focus on me, myself and I. Our quest: To answer “Who am I?” in a book, through expressing our feelings, thoughts and ideas in a way that celebrates the wonder of our individuality.  Each one of us […]

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Impasto Impressions


This summer half term, the bigger artists and their teacher Veena Scialo, looked closely at Van Gogh and impasto painting techniques. Using a simple paste prepared with water, flour, sugar and salt the children had fun creating their paints by adding powder paints. We then experimented for most of the session with a range of […]

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Carnival Confetti


The Carnival is coming to town at Pelham Art Club, with artist Veena Scialo. The historic mystery of masked Venetian drama fed the imaginations of Veena’s students this term.  To start the creative juices flowing, the group watched a short clip that set the scene and inspired the group towards the design and creation of […]

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Spiritual Spirals of Sand


Artist Barbara Veena Scialo’s inspiration for this next project, came from the Hindu celebration of Diwali. During Diwali, Hindu’s draw bright Rangoli patterns on the floor, by the front door, to entice Goddess Lakshmi, to visit their homes.  Traditionally, materials used for this are: rice, flour, chalk, grains and sand. Veena chose to use a […]

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Paint, Print, Cut, Stick, Stamp – Day 2


The second day of our Christmas Course built on a productive day’s making during DAY ONE where we made a set of papers for collaging. We made brushes, for painting our papers and filters for taking photographs. During the second day we used a template for cutting loads of abstract shapes from our beautiful drawn […]

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Paint, Print, Cut, Stick, Stamp – Day 1


Artist Abigail Hunt returned to Children’s Art School to lead another exploratory 2 day course looking at painting, collage and printmaking. Children got of to a busy start by making their very own painting utensils. A variety of materials were used to make brushes, rollers and stampers.  We used feathers, bubble wrap, wood offcuts, wire […]

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The Drawing Laboratory – Day 2


During day 2 at the Drawing Laboratory with Millie Nice we took some of our ideas further and continued the theme of becoming drawing scientists! To remind yourself of what we did in day 1 click here. We began the morning with a few more warm up activities to get our brains working. Drawing with […]

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Pop-Up Parties

Turning - 26

Louise Pasquill‘s class continued to exercise their skills developing characters and visual storytelling, this time building 3-dimensional scenes. Together we read the book “Harry by the Sea“, to inspire us to think about setting a scene visually. Although the illustrator Margaret Bloy Graham, used a limited colour palate, she made very expressive drawings, to bring […]

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Mono Print Mobiles

Mono - 4

Sticking with the summer term theme of circles, Barbara Veena Scialo‘s group immersed themselves in a magical Mono Print Mobiles project. Firstly, to create the printing plate, a circular foam disk was mounted on a cardboard base. The paint was added one colour at a time, each artist used cotton buds to make a picture […]

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