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Kids school and holiday art clubs

Pop-Up Parties

Turning - 26

Louise Pasquill‘s class continued to exercise their skills developing characters and visual storytelling, this time building 3-dimensional scenes. Together we read the book “Harry by the Sea“, to inspire us to think about setting a scene visually. Although the illustrator Margaret Bloy Graham, used a limited colour palate, she made very expressive drawings, to bring […]

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Mono Print Mobiles

Mono - 4

Sticking with the summer term theme of circles, Barbara Veena Scialo‘s group immersed themselves in a magical Mono Print Mobiles project. Firstly, to create the printing plate, a circular foam disk was mounted on a cardboard base. The paint was added one colour at a time, each artist used cotton buds to make a picture […]

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Reeling Round


Barbara Veena Scialo‘s group made merry spinning tops, each individually designed using patterns created with felt tipped markers. The children started with a circle of white card.  Then cut it out and made a hole in the centre using a matchstick. They covered one side with a simple design. The images were created with contrasting […]

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Twists and Turns

Turning - 15

Artist Louise Pasquill and assistant Susie Aylett, led a lesson to create an animated drawing. The children came up with a story, a setting and three characters.  They set to work building them from a wide selection of beautiful papers, cards and metallic pencils and pens. We took inspiration from imagining which animals we would like […]

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Magnificent Mark Making

Marks - 4

Today Barbara Veena Scialo introduced her group to mark making using chalk pastels and oil pastels together. The children really enjoyed this rather messy lesson.   The results are really diverse and varied.The results are really diverse and varied. It was fun to explore the nature of the materials and push their boundaries. The children […]

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Luscious Leaves


This term Louise Pasquill and her young artists explored the Life of Leaves! Lime green, olive green, smooth, ribbed, oval, triangular, we investigated the wide variety of textures, shapes and colours. We talked about what trees provide, from food, to building materials; shade, to clean air. Which tree did this leaf come from?  Why are […]

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Pop Portraits


Louise Pasquill was inspired by our previous project Fun with Photography and Dada collage puppets. We discussed “identity”.  How we recognise positions in society?  By uniform; such as the armed forces, public servants and heath care workers. We dreamt of ambitions for our future: nurses, policemen, soldiers, vets, rock stars, dancers, artists and art teachers. We […]

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Lovely Lanterns


This half term Louise Pasquill worked on some beautiful tissue and paper straw lanterns with our youngest artists. We looked at the structure of a cube and used biodegradable materials like straws, tape and tissue. We folded the straws to build our cube frames, added decorated walls made from tissue and cut out windows.  The […]

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Maths through Art


The current climate for art education is often disheartening, with art departments under increasing pressure, teachers everywhere fighting for their subject to be valued and for people to understand the importance of art education in a fraught battle ground dominated by the STEM subjects (Science Technology Engineering and Maths).  Those who advocate STEAM  - add […]

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Drawing Dragons – watercolours and metallics


Alongside our playful work on emotions our little artists have been learning to use metallic and watercolour pencils to make intricate studies of dragons. They made observational drawings from toys. Gave their dragons names and characteristics We used watercolour pencils on lovely water colour paper, to create careful patterning and details. Water colour pencils mixed […]

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