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Kids school and holiday art clubs

Summer Book


To finish our project at Dundonald Primary School the children designed and made a summer holiday activity book using many of the techniques learnt this term. First we planned out some ideas for the book   Then we used paper cutting techniques and pastels to transfer our ideas to the real book. Each page was […]

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Stories and Characters


Ania Bas has been developing characters, situations and scenes with her group at Dundonald School. She has been working with drawing, collage and paint to create fantastical creatures and placing them into different imaginary scenarios. Here’s a reminder of how some of the characters began their lives. Every session starts with drawing Annabel and the […]

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Developing a Character


Artist Ania Bas began working with the children at Dundonald Primary School to develop a character. Ania’s warm up activities really get the brain working and thinking creatively. This week we drew a room simultaneously with both hands. We then did some life drawing to help us look closely at people. We then looked at […]

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Sculpting with paper


Artist Ania Bas is working with children at Dundonald Primary School this term on project to make a new children’s picture book. She will help the children develop characters, storyline and  backgrounds. She will explore collage, painting and paper sculpting in both 2 and 3 dimensions. Stories will be inspired by music and the children will […]

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