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Kids school and holiday art clubs

The Water-Lily Pond


Welome back to Spring Term at Pelham Primary Children’s Art School! Here’s what’s been happening…the older children, led by textile artist Veena Scialo, took inspiration from the tranquility of the beautiful botanical masterpiece that was Claude Monet‘s garden at Giverny.  In particular, his series of 250 paintings, the Water-Lillies. Monet moved to his pink house at […]

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Big Garden Birdwatch: Avian Art


January’s annual RSPB scientific survey, The Big Garden Birdwatch, was the inspiration for our project studying avian wildlife.  To warm the children’s minds up for chilly nature, we played guessing games to name different varieties of birds; heard the poem “Blackbird” by Nicola Davies and the Beatles song by the same name.  We listened to […]

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If you go down to the woods today….


You were sure of a BIG surprise! Artist and forest school teacher Philippa Snell led a wonderful birthday party for Lucas We were treated to the best of British winter weather – cold, crisp and sunny. Perfect for a fun afternoon of making in the woods. Philippa taught us how to build a Teepee and […]

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Kings, Queens and Super Stars


With Festivities in full flow, we finished this term adorned with crowns fit for royalty.  Bejewelled and beautiful the children took great pride in designing, making and wearing their creations. We opened this activity by discussing the meaning of the word “crown”.  What imagery does it conjure up in your mind?  How will you capture […]

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Christmas Craft Collection


Stained Glass Baubles These festive stained glass baubles, were created using a collage of tissue paper tiles, stuck onto a tracing paper backing, using stick glue. The design for the story, within the stained glass, was based on a repeat pattern drawn in the style of a compass, with a north, south, east and west […]

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Fabulous Firs


More creative Christmas trees, we can’t get enough of them.  This project required both technical dexterity and creative flair.  These stunning seasonal folded fir trees were made from paper and were decorated with golden foil baubles. The two-tone trees were folded from two pieces of paper, then trimmed to a semi-circle at the base.  Adorned with […]

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O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree


Christmastide can be expressed through arts and crafts in so many ways, it’s hard to choose a project.  So, we chose many! The first resulted in some gentle, atmospheric, snowy landscapes, allowing the viewer to glance into a magical world of Christmas Spruces, against a starry sky.  These were made using mixed media; watercolour block […]

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Brilliant Beacons


Artist Louise Pasquill and assistant practitioner Susie Aylett, created a real challenge for the children, with this multi-skilled project, to build a functional lighthouse. The many techniques covered to learn how to assemble this complex design and technology model spanned most of this term.  Here are some of them: painting; cutting; glueing; knotting; folding; 3D […]

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Spiritual Spirals of Sand


Artist Barbara Veena Scialo’s inspiration for this next project, came from the Hindu celebration of Diwali. During Diwali, Hindu’s draw bright Rangoli patterns on the floor, by the front door, to entice Goddess Lakshmi, to visit their homes.  Traditionally, materials used for this are: rice, flour, chalk, grains and sand. Veena chose to use a […]

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Creepy Collage


To make these lively collages with a Hallowe’en theme, artist Louise Pasquill started by teaching us how to use the materials we need for this project: a palette of watercolour block paints, watercolour paper, soft (sable-like) brushes and water. Firstly, we each took a small piece of white, textured watercolour paper.  We learnt the wet-on-wet […]

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