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Kids school and holiday art clubs

Treetop Figurines

Screen Shot 2019-12-23 at 17.01.39

For our final festive session of the term, we took a treetop turn.  Artist and illustrator Louise Pasquill provided an example of a doll, as a point of reference from which the group could develop their ideas for their own miniature figurines. The children were given some skills, such as wrapping, threading, folding, braiding, knotting and [...]

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Character Clay Portraits


Continuting with our themes of modelling (see Firebird project by clicking here) and portraiture we took several weeks to complete masks, made from air dry clay and decorated with poster paint. The children were given the technical skills to attach noses, eyes, hair and lips to create a portrait of their characters.  Most of them [...]

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Fanelli Faces


Inspired by the popular children’s book illustrator Sara Fanelli, artist and illustrator Louise Pasquill, led an activity early in the term on character portraits.  Sara’s use of collage creates astounding, dramatic and sometimes frightening results.  See her book “Mythological Monsters”.  She thinks carefully about composition and makes interesting decisions when assembling her characters. After watching [...]

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Northern Lights Christmas Tree

PHOTO-2019-12-12-21-16-17 8

This magical Christmas Tree scene was a short project, that was completed in the last session of term.  Perfect for trying at home over the Christmas holidays! The first step is to cut out a paper fir tree, using a stencil and cover it with strips of tissue paper using stick glue. Next up, the [...]

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Fallen Leaf Bowls

PHOTO-2019-11-27-22-10-26 2

With the arrival of Autumn, colourful swathes of leaves inspired artist and tutor Veena Scialo to bring her own version of natural art into the classroom.  A delicate, realistic fallen leaf bowl made beautifully using air dry clay and poster paint. The first stage of this project involved life drawing leaves, to learn their outline, [...]

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A Flock of Firebirds


The theme for our project this half term, originated from the Russian Folklore Story, The Firebird.  Interpreted into classical music by Igor Stravinsky, we listened to the dramatic finale on youtube, watched a clip of the ballet and read the story, to inspire us to imagine the phoenix rising from the ashes, the resurrection of [...]

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Tyger Tyger, Burning Bright


Welcome back to Autumn Term at Children’s Art School at Pelham Primary School. Leading the older group, textile Fine Artist Veena Scialo, started off by reading the 1794 William Blake poem “The Tyger” (The Tiger).  In parallel, we watched a video on contemporary children’s book author and illustrator Chris Haughton, in which he clearly demonstrates [...]

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Modern Pottery Masters


The younger artists at Pelham After School Art Club, have been working hard on their painting skills, so it’s time to apply them to decoration, but what can we decorate?  Let’s make something! A hand-crafted plaster pot or vase formed using recycled plastic bottles in a variety of sizes and shapes; mod roc and a [...]

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Botanical Life Studies and Exploring Floral Painting


The mindfulness that emanated from the children, when working from life drawing flowers, had a calming effect on the class.  We took time to look very carefully at what was in front of us and broke it down into different focusses.  Light, shade and how to follow the line from observation, combined with a little [...]

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The Book of Me


This year, we have looked at plants, animals, our friends and fellow classmates, so now it’s time to focus on me, myself and I. Our quest: To answer “Who am I?” in a book, through expressing our feelings, thoughts and ideas in a way that celebrates the wonder of our individuality.  Each one of us [...]

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