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Kids school and holiday art clubs

Seasonal Squirrel Sensation


Autumn is settling in and it’s brought the outside into the classroom.  Watching the squirrels in my garden, I decided that we should appreciate this frequent garden visitor, living in our urban jungle. We opened the lesson with a poem “Squirrel” from “A First Book of Nature”, illustrated vibrantly by Mark Hearld. We chatted about [...]

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Modelling Miro


The source of Veena Barbara Scialo‘s inspiration this term, was the famous Spanish artist, Joan Miro. Born in the Mediterranean city of Barcelona, at the turn of the 19th Century, this passionately creative artist worked in ceramics, sculpture and in paint.  A contemporary of Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Marc Chagall, Miro developed his own visual language [...]

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A is for Architecture, B is for Block Printing, C is for Colour


This term we opened up our eyes, big and wide, to look and see the environment surrounding our school. Buildings!  They’re everywhere.  We live in a city after all.  Architecture is all around us, the design  element that makes our town so varied.  Houses all have similar features: doors, windows, roofs, walls…But, when we stop [...]

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The Drawing Laboratory – Day 2


During day 2 at the Drawing Laboratory with Millie Nice we took some of our ideas further and continued the theme of becoming drawing scientists! To remind yourself of what we did in day 1 click here. We began the morning with a few more warm up activities to get our brains working. Drawing with [...]

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Pop-Up Parties

Turning - 26

Louise Pasquill‘s class continued to exercise their skills developing characters and visual storytelling, this time building 3-dimensional scenes. Together we read the book “Harry by the Sea“, to inspire us to think about setting a scene visually. Although the illustrator Margaret Bloy Graham, used a limited colour palate, she made very expressive drawings, to bring [...]

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Mono Print Mobiles

Mono - 4

Sticking with the summer term theme of circles, Barbara Veena Scialo‘s group immersed themselves in a magical Mono Print Mobiles project. Firstly, to create the printing plate, a circular foam disk was mounted on a cardboard base. The paint was added one colour at a time, each artist used cotton buds to make a picture [...]

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Reeling Round


Barbara Veena Scialo‘s group made merry spinning tops, each individually designed using patterns created with felt tipped markers. The children started with a circle of white card.  Then cut it out and made a hole in the centre using a matchstick. They covered one side with a simple design. The images were created with contrasting [...]

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Twists and Turns

Turning - 15

Artist Louise Pasquill and assistant Susie Aylett, led a lesson to create an animated drawing. The children came up with a story, a setting and three characters.  They set to work building them from a wide selection of beautiful papers, cards and metallic pencils and pens. We took inspiration from imagining which animals we would like [...]

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Magnificent Mark Making

Marks - 4

Today Barbara Veena Scialo introduced her group to mark making using chalk pastels and oil pastels together. The children really enjoyed this rather messy lesson.   The results are really diverse and varied.The results are really diverse and varied. It was fun to explore the nature of the materials and push their boundaries. The children [...]

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Luscious Leaves


This term Louise Pasquill and her young artists explored the Life of Leaves! Lime green, olive green, smooth, ribbed, oval, triangular, we investigated the wide variety of textures, shapes and colours. We talked about what trees provide, from food, to building materials; shade, to clean air. Which tree did this leaf come from?  Why are [...]

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